Crystalens for Cataract Surgery

Crystalens® Lens Implants for Cataract Surgery

Crystalens® Lens Implants for Cataract Surgery

Crystalens is an accommodating intraocular lens ( IOL ) available for our  cataract surgery patients in Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers and throughout southwest Florida.  After a detailed examination with Dr. Zimm, this lens implant option may be chosen to replace your cloudy lens during cataract eye surgery. Crystalens is designed to treat your cataracts while giving a fuller, more natural range of vision.

What is Crystalens?

crystalens bonita Crystalens is an accommodating  IOL ( intraocular lens ) that allows Dr. Zimm to treat your cataract (the cloudy lens in your eye), while giving you a fuller range of vision as compared to traditional lens implants. Cataract surgery patients who choose Crystalens do so because the lens provides enhanced depth of focus and increased contrast in a variety of lighting situations. This lens is a good choice for patients who want to improve near vision without compromising intermediate and distance vision.

What Makes Crystalens Unique?

Crystalens is the only FDA-approved accommodating lens in the United States today, and it is designed to treat both cataracts and presbyopia (difficulty focusing up close) in one procedure during cataract surgery.  Crystalens mimics the eye’s crystalens implantedability to accommodate, or focus up close and at a distance.   Crystalens has hinges on both sides so it can be moved more easily by the ciliary muscle — the muscles inside the eye which help it focus. Crystalens allows the eye to focus more naturally at a greater range of distances than traditional IOLs.

What Vision Improvements Can I Expect with Crystalens?

When you choose Crystalens to be implanted during cataract surgery, you will enjoy a fuller range of vision compared to a monofocal lens implant.  After cataract surgery with a traditional monofocal IOL, patients experience clear vision at one fixed distance (usually far away), and they need reading glasses for any near or intermediate work. Crystalens, in comparison, is designed to help provide a broader and more natural range of vision — from near to distance — with minimal or no need for glasses after cataract surgery. Crystalens also provides increased contrast in a variety of lighting situations (such as a dimly-lit restaurant), while helping you maintain excellent intermediate and distance vision.

Our Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Here at Eye Consultants of Bonita Springs, we track and monitor our outcomes very closely, and our cataract surgery results are no different.  Following cataract eye surgery, our patients report and quantify their outcomes in the Lens Satisfaction Survey, reporting the amount of time they need to use glasses for certain tasks, if any.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Crystalens?

Dr. Zimm is pleased to offer Crystalens as a lens implant option for his patients throughout southwest Florida, and it is one of four lens implant options available to you for cataract surgery. Crystalens is a good lens implant option if you wish to improve your near and intermediate vision, while also correcting your cataracts. During your Lens Evaluation appointment, Dr. Zimm will talk with you at length about your current vision concerns, as well as your lifestyle and hobbies. Crystalens might be right for you if you prefer to be glasses-free for most tasks following cataract surgery.

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