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TECNIS® Lens Implants for Cataract Surgery

TECNIS® Symfony Lens for Cataract Surgery

The TECNIS® Symfony Intraocular Lens ( IOL ) is available for our patients in Bonita Springs, Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Once you have had a thorough cataract surgery evaluation with Dr. Zimm, this revolutionary lens implant may be chosen to replace the natural lens of your eyes.

The first lens implant approved by the FDA for the correction of presbyopia, Symfony can help eliminate the need for reading glasses after cataract surgery by helping your eyes to focus correctly on near objects once again.

What is the Symfony Lens Implant?

Symfony is a multifocal lens implant option manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision. You may choose this implant option to replace your eye’s cloudy lens during cataract eye surgery with Dr. Zimm. Many patients choose the Symfony lens to help treat presbyopia, correct close, intermediate, and distance vision after cataract surgery.

What Makes Symfony Unique?

The Symfony implant is the first IOL of its kind to be able to treat both cataracts, presbyopia, and provide a full-range of vision following cataract surgery. Unlike traditional IOLs, patients can enjoy seamless vision with low instance of halos following their procedure.

What Vision Improvements Can I Expect with Symfony?

Our Florida cataract patients who choose the Symfony lens for their cataract procedure gain a broad range of vision and the ability to focus on objects at a close distance. This makes activities like crafting and reading much easier following the procedure, allowing patients to hold materials at a more comfortable distance. Cataract patients who choose Symfony also experience improved clarity of vision at near and mid-range with little to no need for visual aid.

Am I a good candidate for Symfony?

Before each cataract procedure, Dr. Zimm performs a detailed and thorough Lens Evaluation to determine which lenses each patient may qualify for. Dr. Zimm will also discuss activities and hobbies you enjoy, helping to determine the best IOL options to fit your lifestyle needs. Dr. Zimm will discuss your lens implant options during that appointment.

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