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Toric Implants | Astigmatism & Cataracts

Toric Implants | Treating Astigmatism & Cataracts

When your eye is out-of-round, it is shaped more like a football than a basketball.  This is known as astigmatism, and it has probably meant more expensive glasses and contacts throughout your life. But now, if you’ve also been recently diagnosed with cataracts, there is good news.  Here at Eye Consultants of Bonita Springs, we can correct both your astigmatism and cataract, all in one procedure.

What are Toric Lens Implants?

tecnis toricToric lens implants are used to replace your eye’s cloudy lens during cataract surgery.  These types of intraocular lenses ( IOLs ) allow Dr. Zimm to correct your pre-existing astigmatism and your cataract, during one simple procedure. If you’ve been told that you have astigmatism in the past, Dr. Zmm may recommend one of three Toric IOL options:  the Acrysof IQ Toric IOL, the Trulign Toric IOL,  or the Tecnis Toric IOL.  Dr. Zimm will discuss your options with you during your evaluation for cataract eye surgery at our office in Bonita Springs.

What Makes Toric Lens Implants Unique?

Regardless of which Toric IOL is best suited for you– the Acrysof, Tecnis, or Trulign—  Dr. Zimm will be able to treat your cloudy lens ( cataract ) and your astigmatism, in one step.  These Toric lenses incorporate unique optics designed specifically to correct astigmatism

What Vision Improvements Can I Expect with a Toric IOL?

Today’s lens replacement patient demands excellent vision after surgery, and wants astigmatism and refractive error corrected at the same time as the cataract is removed. Studies show that 40% of patients who have lens replacement surgery also need to correct their astigmatism in order to achieve their best vision.  Our Toric IOL options allow Dr. Zimm to correct your astigmatism, and will help you to achieve the improvements you desire for both distance and near vision.  After a thorough and meticulous cataract surgery evaluation, Dr. Zimm will discuss your individual measurements and recommended lens implant options.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Toric Lens Implant?

Your candidacy for a Toric Lens Implant is determined by your unique measurements. For a majority of patients, one of the Toric IOL options will provide the best visual outcome, and correct both the astigmatism and cataract in one step. For those patients who suffer from astigmatism so pronounced that they are outside the power range of a Toric lens, we recommend a combination treatment of lens replacement and relaxing incisions to achieve the desired level of astigmatism correction. Once we fully understand your level of astigmatism, and desire for improved distance vision and/or near vision, we will recommend the appropriate lens implant option for you.

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