Adam Star Has LASIK with Dr. Pascucci

B103.9’s Adam Star from The Wild Bunch Has LASIK


adam star lasik“I am ecstatic at the results!”

I still can’t believe that I see better than 20/20. I mean come on… I was 20/200 before I saw Dr. Pascucci.  Yes that is not a type-o… I was twenty / two hundred. Hands down Lasik was the best decision I have ever made in my life. My only regret is that I wish I’d done it sooner.

I was tired of watching sports on television from 4 feet away. If I sat on the couch like a normal person I couldn’t see the score or even know who’s playing for that matter. I would guess by the color of the uniform. Oh, is this the Lakers vs. Miami, or is that Cleveland?  It was frustrating for me. If I saw friends out at a restaurant across the room…I wouldn’t know who’s waving to me. I had to guess by the shape of the person’s body. You might laugh but it is so true. It was very challenging for me to enjoy life.

I had to wear corrective lenses all the time to do everything.  I wore my contacts so much my corneas were getting thin just from overuse. I wore my contacts from the time I woke up, to when I went to bed; up to 18 hours sometimes! Do that for 15 plus years, every day. It’s not good and I could feel it over time. Not to mention I was tired of spending an incredible amount of money on contacts, solutions, glasses, eye exams, etc. etc., month after month, year after year –  it adds up.

I do a morning show on the radio in Fort Myers, FL, and my co-workers were making fun of me on the air for being so young but having the vision of a 90-year-old man. Then Jessica from Dr. Pascucci’s office called me while I was on- air and told me about her job working with Dr. Pascucci and what they do and how they can help. She said to give them a call to get  a free consultation. I wrote the number down to Dr. Pascucci’s office, but I didn’t call right away to tell you the truth. I was scared.  If something went wrong,  I worried I would lose my vision f orever. Days went by and still every day that phone message on my Wild Bunch Sticky Note was looking me in the face. It was right next to my work phone. It reminded me, “What if it does work?”. I really thought hard just about that free consultation! I was so naive. After I gained some courage I finally set the appointment and went to Dr. Pascucci’s office in Bonita Springs.

Their office facility speaks for itself…AMAZING! The nicest doctor’s office I have ever experienced in my entire life. You look at everything – the chairs, the décor, the attention to detail with every little thing there, even the tasty treats and beverages available to patients, and I think to myself…this Dr. Pascucci is a very successful doctor. The certified staff did some tests to see if I was a candidate for Lasik. They were so friendly and professional and I didn’t have to sit in the typical exam room staring at 4 walls for thirty minutes until the doctor could see me. He was immediate!  Again, I thought, “Wow!  They run a tight ship over here and so friendly and personable.”

Adam_Star_LASIK_bug-300x300Then Dr. Pascucci came in with my results. He told me that I was a candidate however; he is not going to do the Lasik procedure on me quite yet. He explained that my corneas were basically being smothered by the overuse of my contact lenses. If I wanted to do the Lasik procedure then I had to stop wearing my contacts and start wearing my glasses full time to allow my eyes to breath and heal before we moved forward. He showed me a chart of the areas of my eyes that needed to improve before he would do surgery. I was in bad shape but the good news was it could be fixed.  I was so impressed that he wasn’t trying to get me in the door, sign me up and then ship me out like some salesman. I actually went back to Dr. Pascucci’s office so he could re-check my eyes maybe four or five times in a three month span. Every time I went my eyes were getting better, not to mention they felt better  just letting them finally breathe. Each time he kept educating me about my situation and ensuring the Lasik satisfaction guarantee. Dr. Pascucci wanted me to get Lasik when my eyes were ready for Lasik, with the most logical technique and best outcome. That really meant a lot to me.

His facility was so clean and he is the only one in the area with this state-of-the-art technology and equipment. That was really impressive.  He has done over 18,000 lasik procedures and 60% of his patients see better than 20/20 and I am part of that. I can’t believe I actually see better than 20/20 now!  The procedure took less than 20 minutes and was totally pain free.  After the surgery I would go to bed and even caught myself several times physically getting up to take off my contacts and then I reminded myself ….I don’t wear contacts anymore. The results are phenomenal! It seriously feels like I am watching life like I was watching high-definition television. I see better than with my contacts and there are times when I watch television in the family room at my house while I am cooking in the kitchen and I’ll put the TV on closed-caption ….because I can see and have no problem reading that far away. It feels great! I can see, I can read far away street signs at night with no problems. Now I know what team is playing basketball and what the score is with without being right in front of the television or asking one my friends what the score is.

I am so excited about my new eyesight that I am telling my Momma to come from Ohio to get a free consultation. From start to finish, from the receptionist to Dr. Pascucci, this is the best experience that I ever had when it comes to a doctor’s office and the results. Thank you Dr. Pascucci, for correcting my vision and letting me enjoy my life and daily routine to the fullest. No more contacts for me because I can see better than 20/20 now. I am ecstatic at the results! I say this last thing to you loud and proud and with a smile from ear to ear! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!!

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