Why Allegretto Wave LASIK

Why Dr. Zimm Chose Allegretto Wave

WaveLight Inc., manufacturer of the Allegretto wave laser, set out to build an extraordinary excimer laser. Their goal was simple, combine the best of German engineering and advanced optical design to make vision-correcting lasers with unparalleled precision and accuracy. To be sure, this is an ambitious and lofty goal.

Dr. Jeffrey Zimm, Eye Consultants Medical Director, sees certain similarities between the manufacturing of vision-correcting lasers and the manufacturing of automobiles. Excimer lasers, like the automobile, were first successfully developed and mass-produced in America. However, over the past several decades the auto industry has witnessed the emergence of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen — all German auto makers — dominating the top end of the world market. They bring a distinct dedication to engineering, performance, design, safety and comfort.

What Differentiates Allegretto Wave

LASIK Laser-Allegretto WaveThe Allegretto is the fastest and most precise laser system for vision correction available in the U.S. The laser employs what is called “PerfectPulse Technology” to safely and accurately control every single laser pulse from start to finish.

The system is a newer design than the VisX, LADARVision and Technolas lasers. As a result, imperfections and design deficiencies in other systems were avoided, and advanced optical treatment methods (including wavefront optimization) were incorporated from the outset. Wavelight’s Allegretto represents a new generation of refractive technology referred to as “High Performance Vision Correction,” that allows patients to achieve exceptional visual results under all lighting situations, day and night.

The Allegretto Wave laser system received US FDA approval in October, 2003. It offers the ability to treat the widest range of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism of any FDA-approved excimer laser system, incorporating wavefront-optimized treatment principles.

Additional features that help differentiate and distinguish the Allegretto laser include:

  • Exceptionally stable laser engine, affording very stable performance over typical laser treatment time intervals
  • Extremely precise calibration
  • The only laser system to address the “cosine correction offset”
  • The only laser to take into account the starting curvature radius of the cornea being treated, with the intent to preserve the naturally aspheric (“prolate”) corneal shape after treatment
  • Clinical data presented to FDA demonstrated that quality of night vision after treatment was better than night vision quality before treatment, with either glasses or contact lenses

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