Fees & Financing Options

LASIK & Cataract Surgery Costs

LASIK & Cataract Surgical Fees

*Allegretto Wave LASIK or ASA:  $1,500/eye
*Cataract Removal with Presbyopic Lens Implants:  $3,250/eye, plus copay and deductible
*Cataract Removal with Astigmatism Lens Implants:  $2,150/eye, plus copay and deductible


*If you’ve had prior LASIK, ASA or RK, additional fees may apply

LASIK & ASA Laser Vision Correction

Eye Consultants’ LASIK fees are all-inclusive covering your:

-Initial Consultation
-Comprehensive Measurements Exam
-LASIK or ASA procedure
-Post-procedure care for 2 months

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card for your LASIK eye surgery procedure. We also offer an extended pay option, such as Care Credit; please discuss this option with our counselor during your consultation. Enhancement procedures (if needed) are provided for $500 per eye for a period of one year following your initial treatment.

Cataract Removal & Lens Replacement

We expect that your health care service plan will pay for cataract surgery, less any deductible or co-pay requirements. We anticipate medical insurance will not pay for the additional cost of astigmatism correction, a Toric, Multifocal or Accommodating IOL, or the extended care for your surgery. Medicare and most private insurance do not cover pre-existing astigmatism correction or presbyopia treatment procedures.

Flexible Payment Options

care_credit_logo_roundedWe offer flexible payment options through CareCredit, including plans that are interest-free for up to 12 months. You don’t want to live with compromised vision, and you don’t have to. Find an extended payment option that works for you.

Flex Spending

What is a Flex Spending Account?

A Flexible-Spending Account or “Cafeteria Plan” allows employees the option of setting aside a certain amount from each paycheck-before paying income tax on those funds. The money that is set aside in this account can be used to pay for a variety of expenses not covered by insurance, including Laser Vision Correction and elective lens replacement. When employees use tax-free dollars to pay for these expenses, they realize an increase in their spending power, and substantial tax savings.

How to Use FSA Dollars to Pay For Your Procedure

There are many different Flex-Spending plans, and depending on how your employer has structured yours, you need to allocate funds at a certain time each year. Some plans require you to “opt-in” in November or December, and funds can be used at any time during the next year. Other plans cover from July to July, with the enrollment period scheduled for late spring. Contact your Benefits Administrator to verify when you must enroll for this benefit. At the time of enrollment, you must indicate how much money you will be deducting from each paycheck. This money can usually be used at any time during the year, even if the money has not fully accumulated in your account.

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